Problems and Solutions on Integers

Problems related to integer numbers in mathematics are presented along with their solutions. Problem 1: Find two consecutive integers whose

Algebra Problems and Solutions

In algebra problems, You must know how to: 1. Solve linear equations. 2. Simplify algebraic expressions. 3. Simplify the expression

Basic Arithmetic Diagnostic Test 1

A basic arithmetic test will challenge your skills and knowledge of the most basic mathematics. Due to the purpose of

Five Math Problems that are viral on social media in 2018

Friends must have found the guesswork in the form of a math problem on a social media page, whether it

Differential Equations

Differential Equation (DE) is one of the courses I have studied. I want to share notes on this blog about

How to solve Quadratic Equations

The kuadarat equation has a general form with . The solution to the quadratic equation can be done in the

Integration by Parts

If we have studied the integral substitution method consisting of two versions, it is incomplete if we do not study

Integration by Substitution

Integral substitution is one of the integration techniques that is often used in solving integral problems, both indeterminate and integral

Limit of a Function

The word “limit” has often been heard in our daily lives. For example, someone says, “My patience limit is almost

Properties of Exponent Numbers

Solving on the problems of the exponent numbers is how to apply properties that exist in exponent numbers. Therefore, to