Think Through Math

What is Think Through Math? Think Through Math is a Web-based solution that provides adaptive math teaching for New York students in grades 3 and above. Designed to motivate students in an unprecedented way, this program builds students’ confidence and competence in mathematics, while providing comprehensive data to teachers to ensure success.

Everything done at Think Through Math is designed to involve students and change the way they feel mathematics. For many students, the journey begins with productive failure. The unique 21st century motivational system in Think Through Math, based on productive game theory, develops endurance, mathematical muscles, and self-confidence.

With Think Through Math, the more students play, the more students learn. Each lesson starts with a “warm-up game” which serves as a cognitive primer to activate prior knowledge and prepare students for direct instruction. Thinking and solving problems are important parts of learning mathematics. They take a step further with Think Through Math.

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